Where To Play Outside When It Is Terribly Hot

August 7, 2021 1:36 pm Published by

Today is National Play Outside Day and we love to get outside and be active in the summer especially. Playing outside is one of the best ways to get exercise in and have fun at the same time. When we treat our exercise as play it can become fun and something we look forward to.

The only problem with playing outside this time of year is that the heat can become a problem. Peak summer temperatures can lead to things like heat stroke and dehydration. We encourage you to get outside to play today and every summer day, but also to do it in a safe way. One of the ways you can stay safe when you are playing outside is to pick the right spot or activity. For that reason, we’ve compiled a short list of outdoor places and activities that you might want to pick from so you can stay safe and healthy while also getting a little play in.

  • The beach. This might be the most obvious one on our list, but it is a great place to go for a swim (a terrific outdoor exercise that feels like you’re playing.)
  • A hike. A good hike can meander through miles of wooded areas that are all shaded from the sun. Pick a spot that fits your expertise level and you’ll be enjoying your afternoon of play until the sunsets.
  • Feel the breeze. There is nothing more playful then flying a kite and if you can find a spot that has a nice breeze you’ll be able fly a kite AND get your exercise AND stay cool. It’s a win/win/win.
  • A local bike path. If you haven’t been on your bike in a while, go ahead and try not to feel like a kid again when you hop on it to go for a ride. The Farmington Canal Rail Trail is a great ride with lots of things to stop and look at, plus it has the added benefit of being mostly shaded.
  • Have a water balloon fight. Of all the fun things on this list, this one will make you feel the most like a kid again. Adults aren’t supposed to have fun like this…but why not? It’s a perfect activity that has to be done outside and will keep you cooled off for the rest of the day.

Whether you’re feeling adventurous or dangerous or just looking for a little activity to do outside in honor of National Play Outside Day, this list should get you started. We encourage you to not worry trying something new, even if it may be a little bit scary. Being outside and getting some exercise is what it’s all about. Even if you do get pummeled with water balloons by your 10 year old nephew.