Turn These Items Pink In Support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 5, 2020 6:15 pm Published by

The entire month of October is annually dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here at Stony Creek Urgent Care we bring out everything pink we can find. You’ll see pink hats, bandannas, water bottles, and even pink scrubs on our medical providers all month long.

Pink is the official color of the movement and we want to do everything we can to make sure that people know it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and how they can help find a cure and raise awareness. We’re not alone. You’ll see loads of pink tshirts and pink hats all month long too throughout the region.

We thought it would be fun to come up with some other things you could turn pink to show your support and grow awareness of the issues surrounding breast cancer. Here’s a few things we came up with.

  1. Your hair – you can keep it pink until Halloween
  2. Your car – wrap it in pink or at least get a few pink bumper stickers
  3. Speaking of Halloween, your pumpkin. Paint it pink in support of the cause.
  4. Your garden – plant some pink mums for the month of October to show your support.
  5. Your social media – add pink photos to your Facebook page, your Instagram account or even incorporate pink into your TikToks
  6. Your food – this one would be a fun experiment if you have kids, dye their favorite food pink and then explain the significance to them,

Whatever you can do to raise awareness will help. The more information and awareness there is around breast cancer the better and the more likely we will be to find a cure.

If you decide to go pink, stop in our office so we can share your pink ideas on our social media channels.