Pfizer Vaccine Being Reviewed For Kids Between 5 Years And 6 Months Old

February 3, 2022 5:58 pm Published by

Parents of the youngest children who have been left off the list of those eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine to this point received a ray of hope from Pfizer today as the company announced it has submitted it’s vaccine data to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for Emergency Use Authorization. The vaccine would be administered at 1/10th of the dose given to adults and has shown that in two doses it can be effective at stopping serious illness from the Coronavirus.

Ultimately the company believes that after the FDA approves two doses for children in this age range they will need to approve a third dose, but they have submitted data on the first two doses now so that children can start getting some protection with the promise of full vaccination on the road ahead.

After a fast track approach that the FDA took with previous age groups, the vaccine will be able to be administered to children from age 4 years old to 6 months old within a matter of days by pediatricians. This is critical as the recent surge in cases and hospitalizations has been dramatically impacting children in this age range and a layer of protection for these kids may result in a drop in cases across the country.

At this point it could be just a matter of weeks before the FDA approves the COVID-19 vaccine for kids which will mark the last age bracket of people in the United States to be eligible for the vaccine.