It’s Tick Season, Here’s What You Need To Know

June 18, 2022 3:26 pm Published by

The summer is officially upon us and that means sun, fun, and unfortunately ticks. Ticks are the silent assassins of your summer adventures and if you’re not careful you might find yourself battling the effects of a tick bite long after the summer sun has set. That being said, there are things you can learn about ticks that will help you in avoiding and/or treating ticks if you happen to encounter a bite.

It is important to know that tick bites can lead to lyme disease, but that is not the only disease that ticks carry with them and you should know about the others as well. The same ticks that transmit lyme disease can also transmit a disease called babesia which causes a maleria-like disease. Another bacteria called anaplasmosis can be carried by these ticks and can cause flu-like symptoms. Both of these diseases are on the rise in the U.S. according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC.)

How can you protect yourself from a tick bite?

First thing is to make sure you are wearing long pants and sleeved shirts if you are going to spend time in the woods. Making sure your skin is appropriately covered where ticks tend to be is one of the best things you can do to keep yourself safe from a tick bite. Even if you are wearing clothing that is covering your skin you will want to do a tick check once you leave the woods so you can insure that a tick doesn’t come home with you and jump on someone in your house or a pet. If you don’t find a tick, you can safely get home without concern of future worries.

If you do find a tick on your body you may want to keep it and then take it to your local health department who will perform a test on the tick to determine if it has been carrying lyme disease. This will give you some peace of mind if the tick has not been carrying lyme disease so that you know that even if the tick bit you, you likely have been spared from catching this disease.

As Dr. Young has suggested, the tick that you see is not the one to worry about, it is the tick that you don’t see. If you start to feel symptoms that are uncommon like a bull’s eye rash on the bite location. This is a sure sign of lyme disease and you should be checked for it. If you feel flu-like symptoms or anything else that is unusual you may want to be seen by a medical provider.

We encourage everyone to get out and enjoy the beautiful summer weather safely.