New Haven County Occupational Health


Why partner with Stony Creek Urgent Care Center for your occupational health needs?

At Stony Creek Urgent Care we currently operate two state of the art, 5,000 square foot facilities, and in locations strategically designed to serve businesses throughout the Greater New Haven and Middlesex Counties. Our staff is made up exclusively of highly skilled board certified emergency medicine physicians and Physician Assistants. We are open to serve our business and municipality clients and their employees 80 hours a week, 52 weeks a year including holidays. At Stony Creek Urgent Care we have taken occupational medicine to a new level.

Because at Stony Creek we too own and operate a Connecticut small business, we know how important it is to keep a workforce both healthy and productive. We work with you as a true team member in a partnership focused on keeping patients engaged and active during any period of illness or injury as well as during recovery. The treatments and health action plans that we manage and facilitate will allow for the most appropriate and fastest possible return to function that can be achieved. Our team will help you to maximize productivity, reduce the numbers of lost days, and significantly lower your global insurance and health care costs as a company.

Workers’ Comp

Stony Creek Urgent Care offers acute injury management for businesses in the New Haven area. We provide appropriate treatment for employees injured on the job, and our primary goal is to help get employees back to work as quickly as possible. With status reports with every visit so that businesses can track injured employee treatment progress. We are committed to providing cost containment solutions and comprehensive medical services including prevention, treatment and follow-up for businesses and their employees.

Pre-Employment Physicals

Pre-employment physicals are an important part of the hiring process. Our occupational health services include physical examinations by a Physician or Physician’s Assistant that are tailored to your specific business or industrial needs. During the exam, our physicians will evaluate medical history and conduct physical and vision screenings.

DOT Exams

To comply with Federal Regulations in effect as of May 21, 2014, we have designated specific examiners to perform DOT physical exams. These providers are Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) certified, have received extra training on DOT policies and procedures, and are qualified to ensure that client employees meet the requirements of Federal DOT regulations.

It is important to check in advance to confirm that a certified medical examiner is available before sending a driver for an examination. If you send an employee to our center at a time when a designated DOT examiner is not on duty, the employee will be informed and asked to return when a DOT examiner is scheduled.

Learn about the new federal regulations regarding DOT physicals.

Medical Review Officer (MRO)

As a Medical Review Officer (MRO), Dr. David Young provides quality assurance review of the drug testing process. His certification and license allows him to evaluate laboratory drug test results within federally mandated/non-mandated workplace drug testing programs. As such, as an MRO, he protects the donor from a false accusation of illicit drug use when there is an alternate medical explanation for the laboratory results. At the same time, he protects the company – assisting with policies and regulatory issues, as well as providing related services such as drug test collections, breath alcohol testing services, coordination of laboratory services, laboratory performance testing and preparation of summary reports for employers.

Drug Screen Panels

We offer fast and accurate drug screen panels to meet the requirements of business and industry specific drug and alcohol testing including DOT standards. Drug and alcohol screening is provided for both pre-employment testing and during the course of employment including random testing, return to duty and post emergency. Both instant and lab-based testing of urine is available.

On-Site Pulmonary Function Test

Pulmonary Function Testing is a diagnostic test to measure lung function by measuring how quickly air is inhaled and expelled from the lungs. OSHA standards require certain employers have a written respiratory protection program for respirator use by employees that also includes medical evaluations and follow-up testing for employees that may require pulmonary evaluation. Stony Creek Urgent care offers on-site pulmonary function testing to make employee testing easier and more cost effective for businesses to comply with OSHA testing requirements.

PPD-TB Screening

PPD TB screening or tuberculosis skin testing is increasingly important for industries that have potential exposure to this health risk. OSHA guidelines allow for pre-employment testing of employees in high risk settings such as prisons, jails, nursing homes, homeless shelters and basically all health care workers. Some school districts now also require school personnel to submit to this testing. Our Medical Center can provide TB Screenings alone or in conjunction with a physical.

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