Does Your Arthritis Get Worse With The Change Of Weather?

July 20, 2022 1:03 pm Published by

Have you ever been around someone who said, “I can tell it’s going to rain,” even when there isn’t a cloud in the sky? How do they know? Are they psychic? Do they have some sort of advanced meteorological degree that you didn’t know about?

Not exactly. Sometimes, weather makes arthritis flare up and that is likely how your friend or family member is predicting the impending weather. It seems nonsensical, but it can be true. Three recent studies found a link between arthritis symptoms and the weather.

So, what’s going on here?

In each of the three studies, which looked at people with various types of arthritis in their hip, hands and knees, researchers found that a change in atmospheric pressure was likely the cause of the increased pain. This happened, particularly when the humidity in the air was high. While the change in pain and symptoms was not extreme, it was certainly noted by participants in the study and has been labeled by scientists from the study as having a “modest relationship” between the pain and the changes in weather.

Previous studies have looked at a variety of weather related conditions and how they impact patients with arthritis and they have found that there is some impact when there is precipitation, humidity, barometric pressure changes and temperature changes.

While there remains little that researchers can do to help arthritis sufferers who have changing conditions due to the weather, it is important information to have to understand the mechanics of arthritis as pain relief is sought. Plus, it’s a good party trick for you to be able to predict the weather.