Connecticut Is Leading The Nation In COVID-19 Vaccination Rates

September 22, 2021 2:02 pm Published by

While the COVID-19 global pandemic is far from over, here in Connecticut we are seeing great results as our population is among the most highly vaccinated in the country. Nearly 2/3 of the entire population are fully vaccinated and that means lower transmission rates and more people and businesses being able to get back to work.

While some states and regions in the country continue to be overrun by COVID-19 the state of Connecticut, along with Vermont and Massachusetts are leading the way. In fact, the entire Northeast is very strong in our vaccination rates leading to lower positivity rates and far less hositalizations.

This is is all good news, but it is important that while many of us are vaccinated we continue to encourage those that are not to get vaccinated. It is also important for those that are vaccinated to continue wearing masks when you cannot maintain a safe distance from others.

One area of concern for state officials is children who are not yet vaccinated due to their age and eligibility to receive the vaccine. The state will be in a good position when these children are able to get vaccinated to get back to life as we once knew it.

For now, let’s all stay vigilant and be proud that our state is leading the way for the nation and showing how this pandemic can be defeated by following the science.