Yes, Men Can Get Breast Cancer Too

October 15, 2018 6:03 pm Published by

While the statistics say that men are much less likely to get breast cancer then women, it is possible for men to have to fight a battle with this terrible disease. This very topic is a subplot line on the current ABC drama A Million Little Things. Too often people overlook the impact that breast cancer has on men as well. Here at your neighborhood New Haven County urgent care center we pride ourselves on being committed to your health and that’s why as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month we also feel it is important to mention a few statistics about men and breast cancer.

While male exposure to breast cancer is far less than female exposure, there are some astounding statistics about male breast cancer:

  • Each year roughly 2,600 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in men
  • White men are 100 times less likely to get breast cancer then white women
  • Black men are 70 times less likely to get breast cancer then black women
  • The lifetime risk for men to get breast cancer is 1 in 833
  • When men and women are combined breast cancer will make up the most new cases of cancer in 2018

While statistics do not always tell the whole story of how breast cancer is affecting the population it is a good gauge as to how common this type of cancer is and with combined new cases nearing 300,000 this year, breast cancer is a serious public health risk that must be taken seriously. Whether male or female self checks and age appropriate annual screenings will help catch this terrible disease before it’s too late.