When To Visit A New Haven Urgent Care Center If You Have A Cut

September 25, 2018 2:17 pm Published by

When should your open wound be seen at a New Haven urgent care centerEvery cut or laceration is different so there is no right or wrong answer to when you should visit a New Haven urgent care center with a cut, but if you are concerned about a cut you’ve experienced, you can be seen.

There are however, many signs that a laceration may need more then just a good washing out and a band aid at home. The signs are pretty clear:

  • Continued bleeding – even after pressure is applied if the bleeding continues, you should be seen
  • Depth of the cut – a general rule of thumb is that if the laceration is deeper then 1/2 inch, you should be seen
  • Bleeding lingers – if you can stop the bleeding with pressure, but then it continues for more then 20 minutes after that, you should be seen

Cuts or lacerations won’t just heal on their own. They should be taken very seriously. Whether you were in a car accident and got a cut or just fell down and split your knee open, if your wound meets the criteria listed above you should be seen at an urgent care center.

Medical professionals will make sure that your wound is fully cleaned out and anti-bacterial ointment has been applied. If stitches are necessary, this can be done for the wound to heal faster.

If you have a cut that you’re unsure about, don’t hesitate to come in or call us and we can help you determine if you need to be seen.