Welcome To Heart Health Month

February 1, 2021 7:50 pm Published by

You already know that entering into February we’re feeling the love. Of course, as Valentine’s Day approaches we want to wish you all love and happiness. Having love in your life is one of the best things you can do for your health, whether it be family, friends, neighbors, or a spouse, feeling the love can motivate your mind and body to be a healthier you.

This Heart Health Month we will look at various ways you can show the love to your body and keep your heart healthy. To start, here are some small things you can do in your daily routine that can drastically improve your heart health;

  1. Exercise. One of the best things you can do for your heart is to start on an exercise regimen. Start small and don’t overexert yourself. Before you begin any new exercise routine you’ll want to consult a medical provider.
  2. Improve your diet. You don’t have to go vegetarian, but adding in extra fruits and veggies to your diet and keeping your calorie intake low can result in improved heart health almost immediately.
  3. Lower your stress. It may seem difficult to do this at this time with so many external pressures causing increased levels of stress. Taking some time for yourself and decompressing from the day can be a challenge, but it is a necessity to maintain a healthy heart.
  4. Get more sleep. Here’s another one that might be challenging during the time of COVID-19, but if you can make it work to get an extra half an hour or an hour of sleep each night you just might improve your heart health with this simple step.

We will continue to bring your heart healthy tips all month so you can look at your habits and see where you can improve your heart health.

Show some love this month and every month to your friends and neighbors and your heart will be full.