Turn Your Clocks Back…Don’t Forget

November 1, 2020 9:08 pm Published by

Before the days of digital clocks in our pockets and on our wrists that were connected to the Internet, turning your clocks back would inevitably cause you to show up somewhere early. You arrive for your dinner reservation at 6p which is actually 5p and you’re one early.

Luckily this is no longer a problem. However, don’t forget to turn back your non-connected clocks. There are plenty of places you might forget to turn your clocks back, for instance;

  • In your car
  • Your microwave
  • Your bedroom alarm clock
  • Your stove/oven
  • Your wall clocks
  • Any clocks in your office that are not connected

Making sure your clocks are turned back will keep you on time and showing up to things without skipping a beat.

The other thing you’ll want to remember when changing your clocks is to also change the batteries in your smoke detectors. It is good practice to get into changing these batteries at the same time that you fall back or spring forward. It is an annual reminder to make sure these devices are functioning properly so they work when needed.

If you make sure to keep the clocks and smoke detectors working smoothly your November will be a great month.