Try These Super Fruits To Avoid A Trip To The New Haven County Urgent Care

July 12, 2018 2:30 pm Published by

It’s no secret that a steady diet of fruits and vegetables are a great way to limit your time spent at a New Haven county urgent care center.  Not all fruits and vegetables are created equally however.  Here are some options that will, over time, keep you healthy and away from medical treatment.

Blueberries: Since July is National Blueberry Month, we thought we would start with this super fruit.  The list of diseases that blueberries help either prevent or manage is almost endless.  Starting with heart disease and diabetes, the list includes helping to manage cholesterol levels, improve bone strength, benefits to skin health, and more.

Apples: Along with being America’s favorite fruit, this super fruit packs a punch when it comes to staying healthy.  Want to avoid allergies in the fall (when apples are conveniently abundant?)  Apples can do that.  Apples are also a great source of fiber which helps control blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Bananas:  They are loaded with potassium which can help with blood pressure and if you’re trying to stay healthy and avoid snacking, bananas are rich in resistant starch which will fill you up and boost your metabolism.

Citrus Fruits: Want a fruit that will be your anti-aging super hero?  Any citrus fruit can come to your rescue.  With an abundance of vitamin C, these super fruits are great at combating skin damage from the sun and reducing age spots.

Kiwi: This little fruit packs a big punch with lost of fiber and pre-biotic complex carbohydrates which have been shown to promote good digestive health.

Fruits of any kind are a lot better then snacking on a candy bar, but these five fruits above will certainly help keep you happy and healthy for years to come.