Treating a Sprained Ankle

May 22, 2018 2:41 pm Published by

Sprains happen when one or more of the ligaments that stabilize and support a joint are stretched or torn as it is forced beyond its normal range of motion. Stony Creek Urgent Care Centers are equipped to diagnose and treat sprains and a wide range of sports-related injuries.

Types of Sprains

Sprains are classified based on the extent of the damage to the ligament. Grade I injuries involve a stretching of the ligaments and typically heal within a few days with the proper sprained ankle treatment. Grade II injuries typically require that the affected ankle be immobilized to allow time for the ligaments to heal. A Grade III injury is severe and represents a complete tear of the ligament which can make the ankle permanently unstable if not treated properly. In most cases, a cast or walking boot may be required for several weeks. In rare cases, surgery may be recommended to repair or tighten the damaged ligament.


Sprained Ankle Treatment

Regardless of the extent of the injury, sprained ankle recovery and rehabilitation occurs in three phases. The first phase involves resting and protecting the ankle and limiting the swelling. The second phase begins once you are able to put weight on the injured ankle. During the third phase, you are allowed to gradually return to activities involving straight-ahead movements before graduating to activities that require cutting motions, such as basketball and tennis.

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