Three Charities Who Support Breast Cancer Awareness

October 5, 2018 5:37 pm Published by

As your health partner, our New Haven county urgent care center can help make sure you are aware of the need for a self-exam and annual mammograms to prevent yourself from getting breast cancer, but if you want to help others, how can you do that. The American Institute Of Philanthropy’s Charity Watch has reviewed some of the most well known breast cancer and cancer awareness and research charities and identified the ones where your money will go the furthest. If you’re considering donating, this list is a good place to start.

Before you formally decide on a charity to support, you’ll want to better understand where you want your money spent. Many charities are breast cancer charities but the money is used for many different reasons. Your money may be used for the following, depending on the charity you chose:

  • Research and finding a cure
  • Support services for cancer patients
  • Helping support families
  • Education and public awareness

While each of these reasons for supporting a charity are well-meaning and equally valuable, it is all in how you would like your resources to be allocated.

If you want to donate to a charity that focuses on research and finding a cure, Charity Watch recommends the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This group has an A+ rating and it spends 90% of your money on programs relating to it’s goals.

If you want to support a charity that offers services for cancer patients, your best bet is the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This group gets a score of 96 our of 100 by Charity Watch and spends 82.9% of your money on programs relating to it’s goals.

Finally if you want to support the goal of public education and awareness around breast cancer you can lend your donation to Breast Cancer Prevention Partners which received an A- rating and donates 77% of your money to programs relating to it’s goals.

There are many charities doing incredible things to help raise awareness and seek a cure for breast cancer, but these three charities have been reviewed and scored highly which will give you peace of mind that not only are you doing something good with your money or time, but so to is the organization you are giving to.