Things To Consider Before Planning An In-Person Holiday Gathering

December 14, 2020 3:03 pm Published by

We made it through Thanksgiving, but COVID-19 continues to rage and so, it is important that we take the appropriate actions to reduce the spread of the virus any further. One of the most important things that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is urging is that you should avoid holiday gatherings with people who are not in your household.

If you are planning a holiday gathering that includes people outside of your home there are some things that the CDC recommends considering before making your arrangements. These items include:

Pretty teenage girls talking by tea at Christmas party among friends
  • Behaviors of attendees before the gathering – this means that if those who will be attending your gathering are following safety measures, avoiding crowds, wearing masks, staying 6-feet away from others, that it may be ok to get them together.
  • Behaviors of attendees during the gathering – while it is good that attendees will have been following guidance before attending the event, what about AT the event. Masks should be worn inside and outside where social distance of at least 6 feet can not be observed.
  • Total number of people being included in the gathering. Currently the state of Connecticut has limited indoor gatherings to 25 people and outdoor gatherings to 50 people.
  • Duration of the gathering should be taken into account as well. The longer the event, the more likelihood that spread can occur. Anything over 15 minutes can increase the risk of exposure.

If you are planning on holding a holiday gathering or attending a holiday gathering the CDC strongly recommends that you keep this guidance in mind. While it may be tough to follow this guidance it can mean the difference between you and your friends and family staying healthy or spreading the virus further.