The Measles Outbreak Is Real: What Can You Do About It

May 8, 2019 1:52 pm Published by

Turn on the local or national news and you’ll hear about the measles outbreak that is happening throughout the country. This outbreak is entirely preventable and will be resolved when everyone chooses to vaccinate their children. That being said, in this year alone 3 cases of measles have been identified here in Connecticut and the outbreak is spreading. The good news is that in all likelihood if you and your children have been vaccinated against measles you are unlikely to be touched by this outbreak, but if you aren’t sure of your or your child’s vaccination status you should get checked immediately.

What can you do about the outbreak?

First, you can check with your medical provider to make sure you and everyone in your family has been properly vaccinated against the measles. If this is confirmed, after consultation with your medical provider, you may decide that you want to get a booster of the vaccine which will give you added peace of mind.

Next, you’ll want to encourage all of your family and friends to make sure they are vaccinated and their children are too. The best defense against this outbreak is to make sure that all of the people you come in contact with are vaccinated.

Avoid measles hotspots, these are spots that are known to have a high concentration of folks who have chosen to not vaccinate themselves or their children. If the Centers for Disease Control has identified a particular location as being susceptible to an outbreak, do you best to avoid these spots at all cost.

The good news is that this outbreak can and will be contained and with your vigilance for your own self and your children you will likely be spared contraction of the measles.