The First Saturday of Every Month Is National Play Outside Day

November 7, 2020 9:32 pm Published by

Did you know that each month has it’s own National Play Outside Day? It’s true. What a great way to get in you favorite outdoor activity. Whether it’s just you or the entire family heading out you will want to find some way to get outdoors.

How are you doing it today? Hiking, biking, walking, playing sports, sitting and reading a book? These are all great activities that you can do on the first Saturday of every month.

Of course there are so many benefits just from being outside. In a 2019 study by Nature, it was found that just 120 minutes a week would let you start to see some benefits from being outside. Think about how little time that actually is. If you were outside 15 minutes each day you would start to see benefits from it.

People who spent the 120 minutes or longer outside each week reported better mental and physical health and were considered to have high well-being.

More good news is that you don’t have to go on some grand adventure, a simple walk around your block will do the trick. Time spent outside is proven, by science, to improve your mental and physical health.

Today, when you’re thinking about what to do, get outside. Not only does science tell you it’s good for you, but you can also celebrate one of our favorite days of the month, National Play Outside Day.