Steps To Care For A Cut And Avoid A Trip To New Haven Urgent Care

August 7, 2018 5:14 pm Published by

Treat A Cut To Avoid A Trip To The New Haven Urgent Care Scrapes and cuts happen all the time in the summer. We are out and more active so we are more likely to get some sort of laceration on our body, but some are more severe then others. Before you seek medical attention at a New Haven urgent care center, there are some steps you can take to make sure the cut is taken care of properly.

Step #1: Wash your hands. Whether your cut is on your hands or not, you’ll want to wash them to avoid infection.

Step #2: Tend to the cut and do whatever you can to stop the bleeding.

Step #3: Clean the cut. This is an important (although often painful) step that will prevent infection.

Step #4: Apply antibacterial ointment.

Step #5: Cover the wound.

Assuming these five steps stop the bleeding, you’ll want to keep an eye on the wound to make sure that it does not get infected over the next week or so. If does appear that it is getting infected you should head in to see a medical professional.

If after the five steps above, the cut won’t stop bleeding, it may be something more serious that you’re not able to take care of on your own. You’ll want to visit an urgent care center to get the bleeding to stop and potentially get stitches.