School Districts To Have Greater Flexibility For Fall Return To School

July 28, 2020 1:42 pm Published by

Parents, teachers, and community members have been on edge about the upcoming school year. The Governor and the State’s Department of Education had originally said that all students would be required to go back to the physical school buildings for five days a week. As of yesterday, the Governor announced that he would give more flexibility to individual school districts.

After the announcement by Governor Lamont school districts will now be given the flexibility to do what works best for their community. While the goal for all schools should be in-person instruction, five days a week, this new guidance allows for schools to not be forced into that decision.

At a press conference announcing the decision to offer more flexibility for districts Governor Lamont indicated that roughly 2/3 of students and teachers expected to be back in the classroom this fall. He also indicated that just over half of those surveyed intended to take the bus to school.

A return to school full-time would require school districts to spend a large amount of money and put safeguards in place that are currently not in place now. This may also include hiring more staff to account for smaller class sizes. The Governor acknowledged that that may not be possible for all school districts and therefore he needed to give this flexibility to all districts.

For information about what your child’s school district will be doing in the fall, you will need to watch your district’s website for updated information.