Making Game Day Just A Little Healthier

September 23, 2018 2:28 pm Published by

Here at your neighborhood New Haven urgent care center we are about being a partner in your health and one way to do that is to kick-off week #3 of the NFL season with some healthy alternatives to those yummy tailgate treats. If you’re a a wings person or a dip person you know it can be tricky to enjoy the game while also watching your calories, but we’ve got a few options for you to savor this weekend.

  • Lemon Drop Chicken Wings: This healthy alternative to the fried bbq chicken wings you love so much will give you that satisfying taste with many fewer calories and allow you to cheer on your team guilt free.
  • Healthy Jalapeno Poppers: Go ahead, read it a second time, that’s right it says HEALTHY jalapeno poppers. These tasty treats will satisfy your spicy desires while you’re doing your patented touchdown dance. We can’t promise they will make you a better dancer.
  • Creamy Spinach Dip: It’s not often that a dip can be labeled as creamy and healthy, but this one sure can and it will leave you scraping the bottom of the bowl for more dip.
  • Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Dip: Imagine our surprise when we found this tasty dip that gives you your buffalo and cheese fix without the calories. This alternative dip is going to knock your socks off and you’ll be going back for more.
  • Maple Peanut Butter Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies: Of course we have to satisfy our sweet tooth on game day with these tasty finishers. Whether your team got in the endzone all afternoon or were shut out, these tasty treats will make the day that much sweeter.

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