Get Vaccinated For The Flu At Your New Haven County Urgent Care Center

by Avoid Flu like symptoms and a trip to the new haven county urgent care center

This past week has seen Connecticut’s first death from the flu of the season. Believe it or not we are already into flu season and experts are warning that this could be a serious strain of the flu this year and so it is important, especially among the most vulnerable to get vaccinated. Young children and the elderly are always the most vulnerable to the flu, but anyone is susceptible who has not gotten vaccinated and that’s why here at our New Haven County urgent care center we urge everyone to get vaccinated. The flu season generally stretches from December to February with the highest instances of fly related illnesses and deaths, but the influenza virus is around all year and so now is the time to protect yourself against this pesky illness. With nearly 30,000 people per year dying due to the flu it is not something that you…continue reading

Yes, Men Can Get Breast Cancer Too


While the statistics say that men are much less likely to get breast cancer then women, it is possible for men to have to fight a battle with this terrible disease. This very topic is a subplot line on the current ABC drama A Million Little Things. Too often people overlook the impact that breast cancer has on men as well. Here at your neighborhood New Haven County urgent care center we pride ourselves on being committed to your health and that’s why as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month we also feel it is important to mention a few statistics about men and breast cancer. While male exposure to breast cancer is far less than female exposure, there are some astounding statistics about male breast cancer: Each year roughly 2,600 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in men White men are 100 times less likely to get breast cancer…continue reading

Reduce Your Risk Of Breast Cancer By NOT Doing These Things


It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and all month long here at your New Haven County urgent care center we’re focusing on prevention, research and awareness. Today, we’re discussing some of the things that you may currently be doing that you could give up or reduce to help minimize your chances of contracting this terrible disease. While reducing or eliminating things will not guarantee that you will not get get cancer, they have been shown to have an impact. Reduce or eliminate smoking: While smoking is often linked to lung cancer, it can have an impact on your whole body leaving you more susceptible to breast cancer as well as lung cancer. Lose Weight: If you are obese, especially after menopause, you are at a greater risk of contracting breast cancer. Limit exposure to radiation: By limiting your exposure to medical radiation to only when it is absolutely medically necessary,…continue reading

Three Charities Who Support Breast Cancer Awareness


As your health partner, our New Haven county urgent care center can help make sure you are aware of the need for a self-exam and annual mammograms to prevent yourself from getting breast cancer, but if you want to help others, how can you do that. The American Institute Of Philanthropy’s Charity Watch has reviewed some of the most well known breast cancer and cancer awareness and research charities and identified the ones where your money will go the furthest. If you’re considering donating, this list is a good place to start. Before you formally decide on a charity to support, you’ll want to better understand where you want your money spent. Many charities are breast cancer charities but the money is used for many different reasons. Your money may be used for the following, depending on the charity you chose: Research and finding a cure Support services for cancer…continue reading

How Pink Ribbons Became A Symbol Of Breast Cancer Awareness Month


On this, the first day of October, you’ll likely be seeing many shades of pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In fact, here at Stony Creek Urgent Care our staff will be wearing pink scrubs throughout the month to show our support. Did you ever wonder how pink and specifically pink ribbons became the symbolic color of the Breast Cancer Awareness movement? It all started in 1991 when a breast cancer survivor by the name of Charlotte Haley began sending out peach colored ribbons to raise awareness of the terrible disease and the limited federal funding that was being allocated to battle it. These ribbons picked up on a trend that had started when yellow ribbons had been used to show support for troops and red ribbons which had become a symbol of the AIDS movement. At roughly the same time, the Susan G. Komen Foundation had been…continue reading

What Should You Expect From A Pre-Op Physical At Our New Haven Urgent Care Center

by What to expect at a New Haven Urgent Care when having a pre-op physical

When you are scheduled for a surgery or operation of any kind, you will likely be required to go for what is known as a pre-op physical. The good news is that here at Stony Creek Urgent Care we can help you with this process and make sure you’ve gotten everything taken care of that you need to before your surgery actually happens. You will want to consult your specialist for what he/she is requesting from a pre-op physical, but generally when you come into our New Haven urgent care center, these are some of the things we will do for you: Take your vital signs. Like any traditional physical, we want to get baseline readings of your blood pressure, height, and weight. Getting a complete picture of your family history is important. We may review this with you. If your surgeon make any recommendations on additional procedures we will…continue reading