Keeping Your Family Safe Around Fireworks


Independence Day is a time to gather with friends and family, have a cookout and for some, light fireworks. The safest way to enjoy a fireworks display is by attending one that is produced by your community. If you’d prefer to have a fun celebration in your own backyard, here are five steps, from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, you can take to protect yourself and your guests from the danger of incorrect fireworks use. Keep fireworks out of reach of young children. It may be fun to have your kids light the fireworks and see them sparkle in the night sky, but it is NOT safe. Do not re-light fireworks that may not have ignited, just consider them to be a “dud.” Avoid fireworks that are packaged in brown paper – this indicates that they were meant for professional displays and are not fit for consumers. Take it one step at…continue reading

5 Things You Can Be Seen For At A New Haven County Urgent Care

by IV Fluids can be administered at a New Haven county urgent care facility

If you’re feeling ill and you’re deciding whether to go to the Emergency Room (ER) or to a New Haven County urgent care facility, it’s good to know what types of situations each can handle. While the ER is great for issues that need immediate attention like chest pains, you’ll be seen immediately and the ER is wonderful at treating such ailments. However, there are many things that an urgent care center can handle in a more efficient manner. If you have any of the following situations you can be seen at our urgent care facility in a much more timely and comfortable setting: Sore throats Upper Respiratory Infections Urinary Tract Infections IV Fluids Pre-Op Physicals This is just a brief list of the things that can be seen and treated at an urgent care facility. When you’re in a true emergency situation, the ER is the best place to…continue reading

When You Need To Be Seen At A New Haven County Urgent Care Facility For Sun Stroke

by Treating sun stroke at New Haven urgent care centers

As the summer months heat up we’re starting to see more and more patients coming in with sun related issues.  Whether it’s a bad burn or you’re feeling nauseous from too much time in the sun, there are times when you need to be seen at a New Haven county urgent care center.  Sun stroke is one of the main issues that we see each summer, but what exactly is it. Generally speaking when you’ve been overexposed to the sun you simply need to get into the shade, get out of the sun, and cool yourself down. However, there are times where you’ll need to get in to see us and have fluids delivered via IV. This is a rare case, but in extreme cases when you are feeling nauseous, have a headache, or are vommitting, you may be experience a more severe case of sun stroke and will need to…continue reading

Staying Healthy At A Summer BBQ Part 2


Earlier this week we discussed how you can stay healthy at a summer bbq through the things you consume, like fully cooked food, water, alcohol, and some summer salads. If you are celebrating summer at a bbq here are some ways you can stay safe through you environment. Poison ivy is no doubt extremely uncomfortable for those who come in contact with its oils. Know what poison ivy, sumac, and oak look like so you can stay healthy. Bounce houses are a lot of fun, but they can be a place for unwanted injuries. Make sure you are following all safety precautions. Wear sunscreen and reapply as needed. Be mindful of a nervous dog that might bite. Dogs can get territorial at their home, make sure you avoid a dog bite. The healthcare providers at Stony Creek Urgent Care Center are available in two New Haven County locations: Branford and Orange. We are…continue reading

Staying Healthy At A Summer BBQ Part 1


Summer bbq celebrations are so much fun: family, friends, fun times, and food. Even when you are celebrating, staying healthy should still remain top of mind. Below are a few ways where you can stay healthy at a summer bbq: Fully cooked food. Many people enjoy burgers, steaks, chicken and the like off the grill. But consuming raw or under cooked meats many increase your risk of foodborne illness. This type of illness is quite uncomfortable as it often causes diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, chills, and fever. Be mindful of mayonnaise-based salads. With summer temperatStay res upon us, there are extra concerns that go into food at a summer bbq. The FDA warns to stick to the two-hour rule when leaving foods out in room temperature; and if the air temperature is over 90 degrees, it becomes a one-hour rule. Stay hydrated. It is so very important to make sure…continue reading

Keeping Kids Healthy During Summer Vacation


School’s out for summer and if your community isn’t out yet, it will be shortly. Summertime is a time for being active outdoors, trying new things, and making the most of longer daylight. Even if you’re out there having fun, illness and injury can still work their way into the summer fun. Stay Active. It’s no secret that kids (and adults too) who are active remain healthier throughout their life. Stay hydrated. Make sure you are drinking enough water to keep your body healthy and cool during summertime activities. Be careful. Kids love to run around playing outdoors. But sometimes tag can turn into an injury. Whether it’s a sprained ankle or wrist, the healthcare providers at Stony Creek Urgent Care got you covered. Use sun protection. Keeping  your skin protected from the sun’s harmful rays is critical for staying healthy over the summer. This is just a list to…continue reading