The Role Of A New Haven County Urgent Care Center In Your Health


When you’re visiting a New Haven County Urgent Care Center like Stony Creek you may be expecting to get a quick fix and avoid long lines at the emergency room, and that is a part of the service we provide.  What you may not be expecting is to find a partner in your health. Here at Stony Creek Urgent Care, we genuinely look at ourselves as a partner in your care.  We do not have you in for a small laceration, send you on your way and never follow-up.  We are committed to your care until you are happy and healthy once again. As an urgent care facility we certainly are responsible for getting you immediate attention, but we also want to make sure that when you need a long-term care plan that you are set up with a primary care physician who can monitor your progress and adjust the…continue reading

Try These Super Fruits To Avoid A Trip To The New Haven County Urgent Care


It’s no secret that a steady diet of fruits and vegetables are a great way to limit your time spent at a New Haven county urgent care center.  Not all fruits and vegetables are created equally however.  Here are some options that will, over time, keep you healthy and away from medical treatment. Blueberries: Since July is National Blueberry Month, we thought we would start with this super fruit.  The list of diseases that blueberries help either prevent or manage is almost endless.  Starting with heart disease and diabetes, the list includes helping to manage cholesterol levels, improve bone strength, benefits to skin health, and more. Apples: Along with being America’s favorite fruit, this super fruit packs a punch when it comes to staying healthy.  Want to avoid allergies in the fall (when apples are conveniently abundant?)  Apples can do that.  Apples are also a great source of fiber which helps…continue reading

5 Facts Every Parent Should Know About Juvenile Diabetes


July is Juvenile Diabetes Month and here at Stony Creek Urgent Care we always aim to be a partner in yours and your child’s health.  Part of that partnership is to make you aware of some of the issues that you might run into as your children grow up. Unfortunately one of the issues that sometimes presents in children is juvenile diabetes.   Knowing the facts about this disease is important to be able to spot it and manage it for your loved ones.  Here are some facts to keep in mind this month and every month to be aware of juvenile diabetes and it’s potential impact on your child’s health. 1.) It is an autoimmune disease.  That means, it is a disease caused by the creation of antibodies that fight off substances that are naturally present in the body. 2.) It causes the pancreas to stop producing insulin.  Insulin is a hormone…continue reading

Keeping Your Family Safe Around Fireworks


Independence Day is a time to gather with friends and family, have a cookout and for some, light fireworks. The safest way to enjoy a fireworks display is by attending one that is produced by your community. If you’d prefer to have a fun celebration in your own backyard, here are five steps, from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, you can take to protect yourself and your guests from the danger of incorrect fireworks use. Keep fireworks out of reach of young children. It may be fun to have your kids light the fireworks and see them sparkle in the night sky, but it is NOT safe. Do not re-light fireworks that may not have ignited, just consider them to be a “dud.” Avoid fireworks that are packaged in brown paper – this indicates that they were meant for professional displays and are not fit for consumers. Take it one step at…continue reading

5 Things You Can Be Seen For At A New Haven County Urgent Care

by IV Fluids can be administered at a New Haven county urgent care facility

If you’re feeling ill and you’re deciding whether to go to the Emergency Room (ER) or to a New Haven County urgent care facility, it’s good to know what types of situations each can handle. While the ER is great for issues that need immediate attention like chest pains, you’ll be seen immediately and the ER is wonderful at treating such ailments. However, there are many things that an urgent care center can handle in a more efficient manner. If you have any of the following situations you can be seen at our urgent care facility in a much more timely and comfortable setting: Sore throats Upper Respiratory Infections Urinary Tract Infections IV Fluids Pre-Op Physicals This is just a brief list of the things that can be seen and treated at an urgent care facility. When you’re in a true emergency situation, the ER is the best place to…continue reading

When You Need To Be Seen At A New Haven County Urgent Care Facility For Sun Stroke

by Treating sun stroke at New Haven urgent care centers

As the summer months heat up we’re starting to see more and more patients coming in with sun related issues.  Whether it’s a bad burn or you’re feeling nauseous from too much time in the sun, there are times when you need to be seen at a New Haven county urgent care center.  Sun stroke is one of the main issues that we see each summer, but what exactly is it. Generally speaking when you’ve been overexposed to the sun you simply need to get into the shade, get out of the sun, and cool yourself down. However, there are times where you’ll need to get in to see us and have fluids delivered via IV. This is a rare case, but in extreme cases when you are feeling nauseous, have a headache, or are vommitting, you may be experience a more severe case of sun stroke and will need to…continue reading