Back-To-Work Stress Is Real, But You Can Reduce It

May 24, 2022 4:27 pm Published by

There are still a large percentage of people working from home after the 2-year long work-from-home move that had many working in their pajama pants and zooming all day long. Now companies are starting to insist that employees return to the office and get back to the normal 9-5 day.

This return to “normal” presents a new level of stress for many people that otherwise might not have been there in previous years. Whether there are health issues to be concerned about, child or elder care concerns, or just a lifestyle concern, many employees are pushing back on the idea that they need to be in the office to perform their duties at a high level.

If you’re among those who are now being required to head back to the office and are feeling some level of stress about it, here are a couple of steps you can take to reduce that stress on yourself and your “new” situation;

1.) Start out hybrid: If your employer will allow it, don’t dive back into the deep end, work with your employer to start out just a few days in the office. Slowly going back to the office and not full-time will allow you to get acclimated to your job back in the office without bringing too much stress to your life.

2.) Give yourself enough time: Whether you commute on public transportation or in the car, getting back to hustle and bustle of a commute can be challenging. If you short change yourself on time you will stress yourself out and the commute will become one of the biggest headaches you face. If you leave your house a little bit early you will be able to take deep breaths along the way and not stress that you will be late.

3.) Zero tolerance for workplace misconduct: When you were working from home the misconduct you might face came from little ones playing at your feet while you were on a zoom call. Getting back to the office those little ones may be replaced by co-workers who are not following good workplace etiquette. If that is the case you should put up boundaries and have a zero tolerance policy that will bring you into HR if you run into any issues. This should not be a form of stress on you.

Being back at work can offer a whole lot of stressful situations. It can throw your work-life balance off, your commute can be a grind, and co-workers who are no longer on the other side of your screen can cause you anxiety or worse. Setting good boundaries, giving yourself time, and easing back into the office will give you the ability to have a relatively stress free return to the office.