Avoid An Accident: Don’t Do The “Shiggy Challenge”

July 24, 2018 3:48 pm Published by

You may have heard of the cinnamon challenge or the ice bucket challenge, but now there’s the “Shiggy Challenge.”  This is not a challenge that is just for fun, nor is it to raise money for charity, this is a dangerous game that some are playing and it could amount to an injury that would end you up in a New Haven urgent care center.

So, what is the “Shiggy Challenge.”

The dance craze originated when an Instagram “star” named Shiggy introduced these certain dance moves that were set to the hit song by Drake called “In My Feelings.”  While the Instagramer was not intending to start a challenge, it turned into one and now it is all the rage.  You might be thinking, what’s the problem with a dance challenge.  Here’s the kicker, people are shooting videos of either themselves or passengers in their cars getting out of the moving car and doing the dance.  This could turn into serious injuries or worse yet, death.

Here’s a video of some of the people who have tried the “Shiggy Challenge”

According to AAA, it takes just two seconds of distraction to double your risk of an auto accident so you can imagine how dangerous this dance craze could be.

If you have a friend or a loved one who wants you to try to the “Shiggy Challenge” walk away from it as fast as you can. It could mean the difference between life or death.