April Is Autism Awareness Month

April 10, 2019 3:13 pm Published by

There is no one way to pinpoint what autism is, or how it affects people. Autism is different in every case, but it is marked by challenges with social skills, nonverbal and speech communication, and repetitive behaviors. In the United States it is estimated by the Centers for Disease Control that nearly 1 in every 59 children have some sort of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Since the disorder is a spectrum disorder those living with autism can have a wide-ranging set of challenges and strengths. There are people living with autism that are very high functioning while others require more support to live their daily lives. Environmental and genetic factors are often cited as the causes of autism. Autism can affect how people think, learn, react, and problem-solve in a variety of different ways. Sensory sentivities can often be associated with autism along with medical challenges that may include;

  • gastrointestinal disorders
  • seizures
  • sleep disorders
  • mental health issues
  • depression
  • anxiety

While these aren’t the only challenges that may come with someone being diagnosed as being on the spectrum, they are the most common. Every case is different and requires additional attention.

To learn more about this disorder you can visit Autism Speaks here.