5 Ways To Stay Healthy And Safe This New Year

December 29, 2020 2:21 pm Published by

It’s been a long and very strange year in 2020. There have been murder hornets, a global pandemic, and so many other things that have challenged our health and well-being. Now, as we creep up on 2021 we’re hoping to help you stay safe and healthy while celebrating the turning of a page.

Plans all over the world have been adjusted to accommodate for health and safety guidance. The annual ball drop in New York City has gotten a pandemic makeover and First Nights are going virtual throughout the country. This means that our plans should change too.

No matter what your plans are, here are 5 things you can do to keep yourself safe and healthy as you ring in 2021.

  • Designate a driver. If you do plan on going out make sure you always designate a driver. It is the safest way for you and your fellow party goers to get home to enjoy 2021.
  • Stay home. This is the safest thing you can do this year. Avoid crowds and celebrate with the family you already live with.
  • Social distance. If you are going somewhere where there will be people you don’t know and whom you don’t live with, keep your distance.
  • Celebrate virtually. There will be plenty of fireworks displays and the ball drop will still be on TV. You can connect with friends and family via Zoom for a virtual toast and countdown to the New Year.
  • Wear a mask. Whether you go to the grocery store or to a restaurant, wear a mask for everything. This is the best thing you can do to keep yourself safe and healthy.

We know, we know, this pandemic has been dragging on and it is affecting yet another annual tradition that we so desperately want to celebrate in a “normal” way, but with fingers and toes crossed, we’re hoping that it is the last major holiday that is affected and that 2021 will show promise in the solution to this COVID-19 mess.

In the meantime, celebrate responsibly and enjoy the festivities with the ones you love most while keeping yourself healthy and safe for the New Year.