5 Things Schools Need To Do To Protect Kids For A Safe Return This Fall

August 9, 2020 2:42 pm Published by

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has issued guidance on what schools will need to do in order to protect kids, teachers, and staff when they reopen this fall. Schools are a critical component to the fabric of a community and are required to educate the whole child, not just through academics. It is with this in mind that the CDC has issued guidance for the health and safety of all those who will be in our schools in the fall.

While this is not a comprehensive list of the guidance put forth by the CDC these are some of the most important components to a safe return:

  • Encourage the practice of preventative measures by the full school community including mask wearing and hand washing.
  • Communicate with students and staff in a developmentally appropriate way the appropriate way to wash hands and remain socially distant.
  • Spread out. Districts should utilize unused or underused spaces throughout the community to return kids to school safely with appropriate distance between the students.
  • Work with local and state health offiials to develop a contract tracing plan.
  • Provide a way for parents and staff to observe and report symptoms in students to protect all students.

If schools are to reopen this fall, especially here in Connecticut where COVID rates remain low, they will need to follow this guidance to open safely and keep transmission rates low.