5 Health Benefits Of Volunteering

July 27, 2018 4:04 pm Published by

Staying healthy is not just about what you put into your body, it’s also about what you put into your mind. Did you know that offering your help to someone else could have lasting impacts on your mental health? Volunteering is one sure way to live a holistic life and avoid a visit to a New Haven urgent care center.

Why is volunteering so good for your health? For one, helping others releases dopamine which will give your body and mind a similar feeling to that which you get after a good workout. Here are five other reasons why volunteering is good for your health.

  • Travel opportunities: There are many reasons why traveling is good for your health and planning a volunteer trip to go outside of your local community and give aid to your global neighbors can have a positive impact on your physical and mental well-being. It is also an opportunity to broaden your horizons.
  • The “Happiness Effect”: This is the effect that the dopamines (mentioned above) have on your mental state. Helping someone is just like a good workout, it gets dopamine flowing through your body and gives you a warm feeling inside, the “Happiness Effect.”
  • Mind and body working together: There aren’t a lot of activities you can do that will get your mind and body working together, but volunteering is one of the ways you can do this. A good volunteer activity will have you physically moving and mentally challenged.
  • It can be calming: The effect of giving back to someone else will take you out of the stress of your daily life and give you an overwhelming calm to wash over you.
  • Lower depression risk: Studies have shown that helping others is a terrific way to reduce your risk of depression. With all this extra dopamine racing through your body you’ll be walking around with a smile on your face in no time.

You can volunteer in big and small ways, but whatever you can do will have a lasting impact on your overall health.