5 Health Benefits Of Bananas

April 20, 2022 4:34 pm Published by

Today is National Banana Day. YES, there is a day dedicated each year to those golden yellow treats that we all enjoy from the moments our parents mash them up for us to eat when we have no teeth. Of course we would celebrate their deliciousness, but did you also know that they have some tremendous health benefits?

The health benefits of fruits and vegetables cannot be understated and many of these food items carry a lot of the same nutrients, but bananas have a distinction of packing a powerful potassium punch. Of course bananas are not the only fruits or vegetables that have potassium, but the nutrient most often associated with bananas happens to be potassium.

When you are preparing a snack for the day today, give bananas a try because we’re celebrating National Bananas Day and because they are delicious and carry a whole host of health benefits. Some of these benefits include;

1.) Bananas may help slow your digestion which will regulate your appetite by slowing down the emptying of your stomach.

2.) The aforementioned potassium is a key component in regulating your blood pressure which can lead to better heart health.

3.) Fruits are generally packed with antioxidants and bananas are among those fruits that pack this punch. Antioxidants are good for fighting off heart disease and certain degenerative diseases too.

4.) We’re back to the P word again, potassium is great for improving kidney function and the potassium in bananas is wonderful for this.

5.) Studies have proven that eating a banana after exercise may reduce swelling and inflammation in your muscles and aid in exercise recovery.

Not only are bananas an easy snack to take on the go they are also the perfect fruit for helping reduce risk of illness and improve your digestive health. On today, National Banana Day, you may be thinking to yourself, why do we need a day to celebrate bananas and we would say…WHY NOT!