5 Adverse Health Effects Of Hot Weather

August 15, 2018 6:59 pm Published by

Heat increases likelihood of a trip to the New Haven urgent care centerWhile summer is winding down there are still plenty of hot summer days ahead. The heat of summer can often lead to lots of fun like beach days and hikes in the shaded woods of Connecticut, but it can also lead to some adverse health effects that can lead to health issues and end you up with a stop at a New Haven urgent care center.

We’ve gathered a few of these heat related health issues here to keep you aware of the dangers of scorching heat in the final days of the summer.

  • #1: Bad Air Quality: Scorching heat leads to worse air quality which in turn can make it harder to breath and even exacerbate your chances of contracting diseases like asthma and emphysema.
  • #2: Higher then average suicide rates: With sweat dripping down your face and the unbearable heat messing with your mind, studies have shown that suicide is more likely in the scorching heat. In fact, an average monthly temperature increase of just 1 degree has been shown to increase the suicide rate by 1%.
  • #3: Heat impacts your intelligence: We know you didn’t see this one coming, but studies have shown that as temps climb, our cognitive abilities decline and therefore test results are often lower.
  • #4: Heat stroke: We’ve covered heat stroke before, but this deadly form of exhaustion is of course exacerbated by climbing temperatures.
  • #5: Mental Well-being declines: Similar to the suicide study, researches found that more people were likely to enter into a depressive state as the mercury climbs.

As the summer months continue to produce warmer then normal temperatures, be on the lookout for some of these health issues and if you feel them coming on, you may want to be seen by a professional at a New Haven urgent care center. In the meantime, grab a drink and stay hydrated because that’s one sure way to stave off heat related illness.