3 Ways Voting Is Good For Your Heart

November 6, 2018 1:37 am Published by

health benefits of votingToday is Election Day here in the United States. With races being run for Governor, Senator, and statewide office here in Connecticut it’s a great day to get out and feel good about performing your civic duty. The added benefit is that there are a few reasons to believe that voting is good for your heart.

  • Walk to the polls: Most polling locations are neighborhood schools or churches. If you are able to, walking to the polls will get your heart rate up and get you one added benefit of voting.
  • Civic engagement is good for your health: You’ve heard the term “voting is your civic duty?” Well, performing that civic duty is one way to feel connected to your community and be engaged with your neighbors. Many studies have shown a connection between being involved in your local community and a healthy heart.
  • Reduces anxiety: If you’re someone who sees political ads on TV and gets anxious about the noise they make, voting will help you put an end to that anxiety. Taking action is a sure fire way to reduce anxious feelings. Anxiety has been shown time and time again to cause heart problems.

Voting will not solve all your health problems and for that we’re here at your Orange Urgent Care Center, but it will make you feel good for the day, keep you connected to your community and even get you some exercise if you are close enough to the polling place to walk. Either way, let your voice be heard and you’ll feel good all day long.