10 Ways To Keep Kids Out Of The New Haven Urgent Care Center On Halloween

October 30, 2018 6:30 pm Published by

Avoiding the New Haven County Urgent Care while trick or treatingWhen your kids are excited to get dressed up in their costumes and go door to door to collect candy during the old tradition of Trick or Treating, there are some easy steps you can take to keep them safe and avoid a trip a New Haven county urgent care center. Whether you’ll be going door to door with a wicked witch or a furry teddy bear, these steps will help you keep them safe and have a Happy Halloween.

1. Don’t run: Of course kids get excited to get more candy, but running up a hill or along an unfamiliar walkway can lead to dangerous outcomes.
2. Put down your cell phone: Whether you’ve got your phone out as a flashlight or a camera to take pictures, these distractions can lead to injuries that will have you headed in to see our medical providers.
3. Use traffic signals and crosswalks to cross the street: When crossing any street, but particularly a busy one, it’s important to follow all street signs and signals.
4. Make eye contact with drivers: One good way to prevent an accident is to teach your kids that they should make eye contact with a driver who is stopped to let them go, before they head out into traffic.
5. Trick or treat with a grown-up: It may be tempting to let your child go trick or treating on their own, but no child under 12 should be trick or treating without an adult.
6. Use reflective tape: Whether you line their costumes with reflective tape or the bags they are carrying to collect candy in, this will be key to allow others to see them.
7. Size the costume right: A big costume that hangs down onto the ground could result in trips and falls.
8. Stay in familiar areas: Even if you’ve heard that the neighborhood across town gives out the best candy, staying in your, familiar neighborhood will be the safest bet for your child.
9. Trick or Treat in a group: Going with a group of friends will keep everyone a little safer as there will be more adult eyes on all the kiddos.
10. Have fun: This is a pretty easy one to follow on Halloween and is also so important for everyone’s mental health.

Halloween festivities are always so much fun and while you want to fully enjoy them, you also want to stay safe while trick or treating. If you manage to follow these ten steps and have a great time which we know you will, share your photos on our Facebook page.