10% Of Adults 65 or Older Report Binge Drinking

August 1, 2019 7:15 pm Published by

Binge drinking is when a drinker consumes more than 4 drinks in one sitting. The surprisingly high number of adults 65 years or older who reported binge drinking points to increased health risks that could become chronic.

While the study found that binge drinkers tended to skew male, it also found that women do have a propensity to binge drinking. Many who reported binge drinking also reported having used marijuana.

Binge drinking has been known to impact the treatment of illness, exacerbate disease and in some cases interact negatively with prescribed medications.

Diseases like high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and diabetes were found to be exacerbated by this type of episodic binge drinking.

If you suspect that a loved one or you yourself may be participating in binge drinking activities it is important to discuss this with your medical provider immediately.